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posted 26 Feb 2012, 09:19 by Derek Rowley
Hi Mary , thanks for letting me know about Derek having his triple by-pass , and its nice to see him getting better . I told our Charlie , and both me and him wish him a speedy full recovery . Our Charlie had a Heart attack about five months back , it was only a minor one and he was back fishing within about six weeks and doing his usual winning. We are all getting that little bit older and have to slow down , i know for Derek that will not be easy. I,ve mentioned on Fishingposts.com forums that Derek as not been well , as a lot of Irish Anglers that fish his lakes are always on their site . Anyway i'd like the both of you to keep in touch , and i'm over in Southern Ireland the first week in June and will try to call in and see you both , i'm staying in Ballinasloe , God Bless to the both of you , Harry. xx