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Heron Lake

Heron lake was constructed in 1999 and is the largest lake in the fishery, consisting of 40 pegs. This lake is very mature with a large island in the center which is covered in aquatic plants and the occasional willow tree. This lake is a favorite for both match and pleasure anglers as it contains a large head of all species and an abundance amount of tench. During the summer months catches are mainly made up of tench with match weights in excess of 100lb.. On a average day in summer most pleasure anglers are easily looking at 50+ tench in one sitting.


Species Size
Carp Up to 12.5 lb
Tench Up to 10lb
Bream Up to 13lb
Rudd Up To 4lb
Roach Up to 4lb
Rudd/Bream Hybrid Up to 5 lb
Roach/Bream Hybrid Up to 7.5 lb
Perch Up to 3.5 lb
Below are some pictures of Heron Lake, for pictures of the catches from this lake check out the gallery.